Lowongan Social Media Consultant

 Lowongan Social Media Consultant – MSI-Siap membuka lowongan kerja terbaru sebagai Social Media Consultant dengan waktu kerja 10 hari dan lamaran paling telat diterima tanggal 6 June 2016, berikut informasi resmi dari MSI-SIAP :
Management systems international, inc
StrengtHening Integrity and accountability program 1 (SIAP 1)
Terms of Reference
Position                               : Social Media Consultant – Promoting KPK E-Learning Portal
Duration of Contract     : June 2016
Working Days                               : 10days
In 2016, MSI SIAP 1 provided support for KPK – Directorate of Education to develop a centralized portal for Integrated Anti Corruption Learning. This portal will facilitate general public to access the following e-learning courses; “Call to Action”, Public Complaint, Conflict of Interest, Gratuities, GRATIS and “Closer with KPK”. It will serve as one stop place for the public to gain information corruption issue and how they can take role on the effort to eradicate corruption. In 2015, KPK has launched their Gratuity E – Learning, however due to lack of socialization, there are very small number of public accessed the e-learning. Thus, to increase public outreach on the portal existence, SIAP 1 seeks the expertise the expertise of a consultant to assist KPK to setup Social Media (especially Facebook and Twitter) as promotional tool for gratuities e-Leaning and its key messages as needed.
1.       Utilize Social Media platforms to raise willingness of the public to access the E- Learning portal
2.       Communicate Social Media as an essential and contemporary communication channel for promoting E-Learning Portal
Tasks and Deliverables
1.      Develop digital content strategy and timeline (1 day)
2.      Develop content marketing planning which will be putted on related website (1 day)
3.      Identify and mobilize buzzers to come to launching event ( 1 day)
4.       Developing content planningfor KPK twitter for the period of next 3 months to promote E-Learning Portal   (4 days)
5.      Developing content planningfor KPK facebook for the period of next 3 months to promote E-Learning Portal  (3 days)
  • Bachelor (S1) degree in relevant field of work or related studies
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in Social Media,
  • Experienced in maintaining network with civil service organization and social media communities.
  • Ability to share knowledge and experiences about important aspects on social media implementation.
Please send applications indicating ‘Social Media Consultant ‘ as the subject of your email addressed to [email protected] not later than June 5th, 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.