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Terms of Reference


Position               : IT Infrastructure Assessor

Required Task     : 18

Duration              : 25 days

Period                  : June – August 2019



PermenPANRB No.3/2015 on Roadmap for National Complaint Handling System, established SP4N-LAPOR! as an integrated public complaints management system. SP4N-LAPOR! has since been used as the official platform to handle complaints about public services. USAID CEGAH has supported important developments of the LAPOR! application, including a comprehensive upgrade from version 2.0 to version 3.0. Through a number of feature enhancements, and an overhaul of the underlying database structure, the new system is expected to be capable of handling a much larger number of complaints. The upgraded system is also expected to be able to provide access to a greater number of simultaneous users, along with improvements in data visualization, agency structure data management, and independent user management by each agency.


However, as a newly developed application system, LAPOR version 3.0 is still facing some problems in the system, especially the long load time. In this regard, USAID CEGAH is keen to hire an IT Infrastructure Assessor to improve the application’s performance by fine tuning the application infrastructure. The an IT Infrastructure Assessor will be required to work at the KSP five days a week, for about a month.


Scope of Work

A.   Objective:

To assess and fine-tune LAPOR! infrastructure for optimum performance, ensuring efficient use of system resources


B.   Scope of Work:

The IT Infrastructure Assessor will work at KSP Office five days a week, for about a month.


1.      Conducting a comprehensive analysis on all aspect of LAPOR!’s performance that includes:

a.      Layer 1 – Physical Layer

b.      Layer 2 – Data Link

c.      Layer 3 – Network

d.      Layer 4 – Transport

e.      Layer 5 – Session

f.       Layer 6 – Presentation

g.      Layer 7 – Application

2.      Providing recommendation on:

a.      Which aspects need to be improved

b.      How to achieve the improvement

c.      What preconditions does LAPOR! need to meet before the improvement is applicable

3.      (If required) implementing required action based on the recommendation (except recommendation on layer 7 – Application)


C.   Deliverables:


1.      Report that includes:

a.      Findings on each layer (ref: SoW poins 1)

b.      Recommendation (ref: SoW point 2)

2.      Improvement of LAPOR!’s performance to a certain level approved by LAPOR!’s main stakeholders (Kemenpan, KSP, Ombudsman RI)



D.   Qualifications:


1.      Have a degree in Computer Science (or another computer related)

2.      Have experience (at least 5 years) on website or other application’s performance assessment

3.      Have experience (at least 5 years) on server tuning


 * All deliverables should be branded according to USAID CEGAH branding & marking requirement 

Application should include a CV) and contact information by May 22, 2019 at the latest. Please send applications to [email protected]  Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

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